I know it was short notice, but it was great to see most of you on our first Wave 3 team Zoom with coach Jaz. Remember, parents and siblings are welcome to join these workouts!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Glennie moving so fast, you can't even see him

Matty Burd with a handlebar hairdo jumping so high, that's the sun you see on his head.

Romeo praying for the workout to end.

Sutchy. I don't know what he's doing. Please email me if you can figure it out.

Hobsy punished some baseballs off the tee, ran through ladder drills in his backyard, beat up a heavy bag and ran on his treadmill. He also sent me all of his pics/videos HIMSELF, which is what most of you should be doing (rather than troubling your parents!). Also, by the looks of this photo, it looks like Hobsy has grown ANOTHER two inches since I last saw him.

Sutch CRUSHED some baseball off a tee and used the beautiful day to get on his bike for some cardio. I'm going to pretend that I didn't notice that Sutch was biking WITHOUT a helmet. Sutch, we need you safe, healthy, smart and in one piece. I know that's a lot of hair to squeeze a helmet over, but please, put on a bucket!!!

U13Aurora-King Jays AAA

X marks the spot. Bif 2.0, two minutes for looking so good, Bif.

Hobsy, working towards sixty stolen bases this summer.

Luca, how many Montreal Canadiens shirts do you have?

Perez. Perez left the workout for a few minutes, maybe to barf. Here he is, in beast mode. Awesome stuff.

After Jaz's zoom session, there was an online WebEx (that's like a Zoom) for all of the U13 YSBA coaches. During the meeting, we discussed bubbles, and it looks like we will be playing against Vaughan AAA, Newmarket AAA, and Markham AA.

There were also a few important points/announcements that were made at the meeting. Some of these items would be considered bad news, but we are NOT going to let any of these developments slow us down. Importantly:

1. All tournaments are cancelled for 2021

2. We will not likely be playing any games until July

Right now, we need to keep working hard, we need to motivate each other and we need to keep loving baseball. Hopefully, we'll be able to have Dads and Dudes sessions on diamonds soon.