Monday, April 19

Hobsy punished some baseballs off the tee, ran through ladder drills in his backyard, beat up a heavy bag and ran on his treadmill. He also sent me all of his pics/videos HIMSELF, which is what most of you should be doing (rather than troubling your parents!). Also, by the looks of this photo, it looks like Hobsy has grown ANOTHER two inches since I last saw him.

Sutch CRUSHED some baseball off a tee and used the beautiful day to get on his bike for some cardio. I'm going to pretend that I didn't notice that Sutch was biking WITHOUT a helmet. Sutch, we need you safe, healthy, smart and in one piece. I know that's a lot of hair to squeeze a helmet over, but please, put on a bucket!!!

U13Aurora-King Jays AAA


Let's stay focused on our goal: Best U13 team in Ontairo.