U13Aurora-King Jays AAA

Hey Everyone! So here we are again in another lockdown. Right now, it's up to each of you - the AK Jays 13 AAA players - to stay motivated and to stay in top shape for the baseball season. Like last year, the season may start at a moment's notice, so let's stay active, have fun, and work HARD over the next few weeks. Today was a beautiful day, and it was great to see many of you get outside. Over the next few weeks, there are several things I'd like you to do. Hopefully, I can get organized enough to post daily assignments for you all. It was great to see many of you get outside. Here are some of your teammates activities.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Noah G worked on some great tee drills that he picked up from his school (and from his brother's team's drills). You can find his workout here:


Matthew Burd set up a tee and a net in his garage, proving that you don't need space to become a BEAST!


Hayden was able to evade bylaw officers and the RCMP, drove 90 minutes a baseball diamond (from his cottage) and worked on his pitching form (coach Jaz would be proud). Later, he ran up and down a hill like a wet chicken trying to dry himself off.


Parker Bif 2.0 Bifolchi completed a twenty minute run on the treadmill, worked through SIX plyometric exercises and hit 75 balls off the tee. AMAZING WORK BIF! In other news, Uncle Pete had some lasagna.

Matthew PS tortured several helpless baseballs with some amazing tee work, AND ran 20 minutes on the treadmill. If I was Nixon or Carrie, I'd move that net back or he's going to hit a ball right through that concrete wall.

Romeo ran 4 km and hit 60 balls off a tee (ie. 15 balls LESS than Parker). Note, Romeo thinks that the distance between our front door and the end of the driveway is ONE kilometer, so I'll be supervising his runs from now on.