Monday, April 26, 2021

U13Aurora-King Jays AAA



First of all, I want EVERYONE to participate in yesterday's LONG TOSS / PARKING SPACES challenge. When you've completed the challenge, send a pic of you and your partner, along with the number of spaces you and your partner were able to complete. All challengers will be posted, along with GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE medal winners. Please try to complete every day's challenges! And, since it's MOTIVATION MONDAY, here's a little pep-talk (and, between us, I didn't even tell him we were the comeback-kids in 2019....I guess it's just in our blood) ALSO, DO YOUR TEE-WORK, 40 OFF THE TEE!!!

Amazing to see so many of you all-stars on Coach Jaz's Zoom session Sunday morning. Remember, working out is like making deposits into a bank account. You can withdraw during the season, when the game is on the line....

Great job to those of you who did the PARKING SPACES challenge! We're going to give everyone else a chance to get it done and post the GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE medal winners on Tuesday! AND, TAKE NOTE!!! Owen Fleming on the 11U team was able to throw across FIFTEEN SPACES!!

The Fleming boys are trying to give the 13U AAA team a run for their money. Great job Owen and Ethan!!!! Thanks for participating and we love having you guys motivate us!!!

Arayan looked like a true opening day start today, practicing his pitching form (he was hitting like Juan Soto as well). The Montanaro family cleared out the garage (I think they sold Maurizio's truck to make space) so that LuLu could show us why he's one of the all-time great hitters. The Hobsy and Waghmare brothers took to parking lots to see how many spaces they could throw across (deadline for this drill extended to MONDAY! GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE medals to be awarded!!!)

Arayan, hitting and throwing like Shohei Ohtani

LuLu looking like an absolute beast with a sweeter than sweet swing.

The brothers Hobsy and Waghmare getting a head-start on "Parking Spaces." Looking forward to seeing everyone's scores tomorrow!!!